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  • Yoo, Hee Geun
  • Seocho
  • bronchiectasis
  • Male / 68 years old
  • -
  • 72 months
  • 7 months
Title Miracles are happening in my body (2)
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Content 1. Running and gasping

I am currently living my life with firm belief that ‘Pyunkang-Tang is inducing miracles in my body throughout the day’. Such miracles are not limited to 1 or 2 things.

Let me tell you about my gasping.

I always had small lung capacity since my early childhood. It was severely small to the extent of not being able to compare with others. It is easy to find countless evidences in my past.

During the middle and high school years in the past, the schools required the students to run a mini-marathon course of about 5km rather than the full marathon course in order to fortify the physiques of students.

All the students would be lined up at the school entrance and when the physical education teacher would blow the whistle, everyone would start to run with loud clamor. The ambience was very much like the marathon competitions of today.

I would confidently run in the front group at first. However, I start to gasp after about 5 minutes and begin to have foams in my mouth after 10 minutes of running. After another 5 minutes of running, I am not able to move any further and collapse onto the ground. It was like that throughout my school years.

2. ROTC training and falling down on the ground

During my 3rd and 4th year at the university, I joined ROTC in order to become an army officer.

During the summer vacation, ROTC would undergo harsh and intense training at the reserve corps.

Students had to undergo intense training under the severely scorching sun of July and August while sweating excessively. Moreover, it is the season of drenching rainfall but the students will be training even under the severest rainfalls.

The trainer would order us to wear full combat gears in order to nurture strong spirits and physique necessary for an army officer in us.

Shouting ‘Point arms!’ then the trainer would command us to ‘march’. That is, we had to hold heavy M1 rifle in our hands, and wear heavy helmet, huge backpack, combat boots and suffocating raincoat while running the march.

This is the most arduous training. I would always begin the march with firm resolution to ‘run the full course even if I would pass out at the end’.

However, I would gasp for breath and foams begin to appear in my mouth in less than 5 minutes. Eventually, I am always the first to collapse in the group.

I have always been a person incapable of running for sustained period of time because of severely small lung capacity. Due to the advancement of the modern medical science, examination of my lung shows that I have lung capacity that is only about half of the average person.

3. Mountain climbing and taking rest

Accordingly, I have been climbing mountain for 2 hours every morning over the last 10 years in order to improve my lung functions. However, even the slight inclination in the path made me gasp for breath. Therefore, I did not even dream of reaching the summit and continuously avoid the courses with sustained inclination.

Though feeling ashamed, I was always the first to ask that we take a break for rest when I was climbing with my wife.

Nonetheless, I continued to climb mountains for the last 10 years in order to fortify my lung by taking deep breath or taking frequent rests while I run out of breath during climbing. Therefore, I take about 2 hours to complete courses that take others only about an hour.

Because of this, I tend to say I ‘walk the mountain trail’ rather than ‘climbing mountain’.

This frustrates me.

4. Miracles are happening in my body

Then miracles began to happen in my body. After having taken Pyunkang-Tang for 7 months, I began to experience something different in my body. I was able to complete the course that I had to gasp for breaths frequently previously without having to run short of breaths that often.

So, I asked my wife. “Don’t you think I have changed somewhat?” She replied that “yes. You are now able to easily climb up a course with sharp incline that you avoided in the past without taking rest. Moreover, you are not gasping for breath anymore.” However, I was dubious that “it couldn’t be because of the Pyunkang-Tang I have been taking. Rather, it is because I climbed mountain everyday while taking deep breath.”

Yet, I now feel that I am not gasping anymore when I climb and I am thoroughly enjoying the climb more than ever. My wife and I say the following words so many times every day at my place. “What is happening to me? Has Pyunkang-Tang really inducing miracle in my body?”

Is Pyunkang-Tang truly reviving my lungs? Am I able to easily climb up the mountain thanks to Pyunkang-Tang even though I always had difficulties with lung capacity throughout my entire life? Is this what people refer to as miracle?

“Yes, it is true that Pyunkang-Tang is continuing to create miracle in my body.”