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  • Yoon, Hye Soon
  • Seocho
  • bronchiectasis
  • Female / 65 years old
  • -
  • 20 years
  • 2 months
Title Thank you very much for giving my pride and meaning for living again.
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Content It has been 2 months since I began to take Pyunkang-Tang. I ardently took the medicine as per the prescribed administration method without fail every day in order to cure the chronic disease, bronchiectasis. It had been truly difficult to withstand the coughing and phlegmfilling up my respiratory tract that necessitated spitting them out in the middle of night without being able to sleep soundly.

However, my husband was surprise to see me sleeping in comfort one day. In fact, I was even more surprised at the comfort of heart and cessation of filling up of phlegmin my respiratory system. It seemed that my husband was the first one to recognize the efficacy of Pyunkang-Tang as he was able to observe the gradual improvements in my conditions. I was able to spend the change of seasons in March and April during when I normally caught cold without catching cold this year. I refrained from participating in gatherings because of the depleted confidence due to the perpetual coughing I had. Those around me were also surprised at the changes in my conditions since I began to take the Pyunkang-Tang.

Pyunkang-Tang brought confidence and meaning of life back to me. I sincerely wish to recommend it to those suffering from coughing and phlegm. I takePyunkang-Tang with great deal of gratitude whenever I take the medicine and I have firm conviction that I will be fully cured. Although I regret that I did not start taking Pyunkang-Tang earlier, I feel that it is not too late for regain my health.