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  • Lee, Jeong Jae
  • Seocho
  • Interstitial pneumonia
  • Male / 57 years old
  • Lung
  • 12 months
  • 13 months
Title Interstitial pneumonia and fibrosis of lung have improved
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Content Riding mountain bike is my hobby. However, I began to feel that riding mountain bike became more difficult that before and experienced shortness of breath when I walk up stairs since early 2012. Accordingly, I underwent comprehensive medical check-up in June 2012 and was recommended to undergo biopsy for the suspicion of interstitial pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis under CT taken. However, I began to take Pyunkang-Tang since July 2012 without having undergone biopsy.

Although I could not feel any difference during the first several months, I definitively began to experience after 1 year that the shortness of breath improved and my body conditions have gotten better prior to taking Pyunkang-Tang. In May 2013, I underwent comprehensive medical check-up and the specialized health and medical examination center handed me the result that there is no abnormality in my lung whatsoever. I still smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day because of my failure to stop smoking and I have not taken any western medicine. Moreover, my lifestyle has not changed at all. As such, I could not believe the improvement that Pyunkang-Tang brought about and I rechecked with the Samsung Medical Center. The doctor told me that I no longer have any reason to visit the hospital.

I really find it difficult to believe the wonderful results Pyunkang-Tang has brought. I am forwarding my comments and data because I want to offer hopes to other patients suffering same illness as I had.