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  • Jeong, Jong Gi
  • Seocho
  • Pulmonary emphysema
  • Male / 72 years old
  • Lung
  • 8 months
  • 18 months
Title Breathing has become much more comfortable.
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Content I was diagnosed with pulmonary emphysema in 2003. I have been suffering from various symptoms including shortness of breath, filling up of respiratory tract with phlegm, severe cough and lack of energy.

I have been visiting general hospitals for more than 15 years because of my poor health.

My body weight fluctuated in the range of 50~54kg, which was another major concern of mine.

I saw report on Dr. Seo of Pyunkang Oriental Hospitalin TV several years. I then saw advertisement of Pyunkang Oriental Hospital in newspaper while having meal in the Seocho area and decided to visit Pyunkang Oriental Hospital.

Dr. Seo told me that the pulmonary functions will be improved to make me feel much more comfortable and recommended taking the medicine he would be prescribing for 18 months. Now I am about to complete this 18 months of taking the medicine.

While taking the medicine, I felt that my throat was clearing up with marked improvement in the ease of breathing.

Phlegm and cough were reduced substantially and I did not have to go to hospital over the period of 18 months of taking the medicine although I had to be taken to the hospital 1~2 times a year due to pneumonia prior to taking Pyunkang-Tang.

Although I may not be able to say I am totally cured of pulmonary emphysema, I have experienced the efficacy of the medicine that not only prevented my condition from aggravating, enabled me to breathe much more comfortably, reduced phlegm and made me healthy enough not to be inflicted by pneumonia while I was taking Pyunkang-Tang. Unless I run into financial difficulties, I am determined to continue to take the medicine.

My appetite improved substantially and I am eating very well. However, I am somewhat concerned that I am not gaining weight in spite of the sumptuous food I am eating.

I look forward to leading healthy life with peace and comfort in heart as Dr. Seohas explained on the efficacy of Pyunkang-Tang. Thank you.